Citizens Awareness Network

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CAN is a volunteer, grassroots organization, committed to the creation of vibrant communities with the replacement of nuclear reactors and fossil fuels in New England with sustainable solutions. CAN is committed to empowering people to participate in the democratic process to ensure a sustainable, equitable and energy independent future with the closure and safe decommissioning of New England’s aging fleet of nuclear reactors.

CAN is a regional group, with over 4,000 members in New England and the Northeast that was instrumental in the closure of 4 New England reactors—Yankee Rowe, CT Yankee, Millstone Unit 1 and Vermont Yankee. CAN won lawsuits against the NRC and nuclear corporations concerning decommissioning, public participation and high-level waste storage as well as intervening in NRC hearings on cleanup of Yankee Rowe and CT Yankee, and license transfer proceedings on Indian Point, Fitzpatrick, and Vermont Yankee. CAN organized a citizen health study with the MA DPH on radioactive waste releases into the Deerfield River Valley from the Yankee Rowe reactor and the health effects on the neighboring community. In the process CAN organized a team of epidemiologists, meteorologists, and organizations to create the research needed for the investigation. Concerned with the issues of environmental justice, CAN engaged in a series of waste tours alerting people to nuclear waste transport through their communities in the northeast, southeast, midwest and west. CAN organized a high-level waste summit bringing reactor and waste communities together to create nuclear waste policy that supported both affected communities. CAN organized action camps in Vermont; over 1,000 people participated in camp activities.

With other organizations, CAN organized a grassroots campaign to support Act 160, empowering the Vermont legislature to decide Vermont Yankee’s future. CAN organized and coordinated with other impacted groups a 2.206 petition to the NRC on the financial vulnerability of Entergy and how it impacted the safe operation of Vermont Yankee, Pilgrim and Fitzpatrick reactors. CAN worked with the state of Vermont to create a citizens advisory panel to make the decommissioning of Vermont Yankee as democratic and transparent as possible.