Additional NRC Oversight at Pilgrim

The NRC has created a new webpage for Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, full of documented evidence that Pilgrim should be closed now: > Pilgrim > Special Oversight >>


From the NRC site:

The Pilgrim nuclear power plant, in Plymouth, Mass., is under increased oversight from the NRC. In September 2015, the agency announced the finalization of a “White” (low to moderate safety significance) inspection finding that stemmed from issues involving the plant’s safety relief valves. Based on that enforcement action, in combination with two earlier “White” findings received by the plant, Pilgrim moved to Column 4, of the agency’s Action Matrix, which dictates the agency’s level of oversight at plants. The NRC has embarked on a review process that will entail three phases and numerous hours of inspection.

Topics on Pilgrim’s “Special Oversight” page include: Background, Inspection Approach, Schedule, Assessment Results, Communications, FAQs, and Reference Library.

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