Last Call for Support for Public Health and Safety!

After months and months of lobbying, testifying, and submitting documents by citizens across the state, both of Rep. Peake’s health and safety bills are now in the House Ways and Means Committee. We need to get these bills moved out for a vote now as the legislative session ends July 31.

  • H. 2031 passed the Public Health Committee (expand EPZ to 50 miles/stockpile KI/monitoring)
  • H. 2167 passed the Public Safety Committee (MEMA to assess preparedness in Barnstable and Essex Counties for Plume Exposure EPZ/Gov call for closing Pilgrim)

Please contact House Ways and Means Committee, particularly the leadership, asking for a ‘favorable release to a floor vote’ for these important public health and safety bills. Again, time is essential here, so please call/email today and forward/encourage others to contact:

Chair Rep. Brian Dempsey (D-Haverhill)

Vice-Chair Rep. Stephen Kulik (D-Worthington)

Assistant Vice Chair Rep. Benjamin Swan (D-Springfield)

Full committee membership here:

Talking Points:
  • Pilgrim is still one step from federally mandated shutdown, one of the worst operating nuclear reactors in the country… STILL a threat to us all.
  • Public safety will continue to be at serious risk even when Pilgrim closes in 2019 due to the documented spent fuel pool dangers and nuclear waste.
  • With ongoing violations of NRC safety regulations by Entergy, the public is at increasing risk from the troubled Pilgrim reactor.
  • MEMA currently receives radiological response funding from Entergy. When Pilgrim closes in 2019, Entergy will most likely file with the NRC to drop funding the EPZ as they did in VT. Extended emergency plans must be implemented now.
  • Cape Codders currently receive free KI (protecting the thyroid from radioactive iodine). With Metro Boston the same distance and no KI distribution planned, that population is in the same danger zone. Seabrook also does not have an extended KI distribution to Essex County.
  • During the Fukushima catastrophe, American citizens were warned to evacuate up to 50 miles by the U.S. government. Why not plan here?

Bills and testimony for additional points of reference:


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