Sign the Petition to Shut Pilgrim Now!

We are petitioning to demand the Nuclear Regulatory Commission close Pilgrim now.

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We are petitioning you to demand the Nuclear Regulatory Commission close Pilgrim now! Not in 2019!

THE REAL Entergy narrative is not “Pilgrim nuclear plant will shut by mid-2019; (Page A1, Oct. 14), but the fact it will continue to operate a degraded and dangerous nuclear reactor for profit for four more years.

This is still unacceptable. The primary issue surrounding Pilgrim is neither energy nor economics: It is public safety. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has rated Pilgrim as one of the worst operating reactors in the country, continuously downgrading the reactor for years. We are now in a critical battle between money and profit over public safety, accountability, and unacceptable risks. Pilgrim needs to be closed now, not in 2019!

It is now official! The NRC has designated Entergy’s Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in Plymouth, MA one of the three worst reactors in the country. The recent inspection includes additional oversight with the potential issuance of an order to close Pilgrim. Previous inspection reports have consistently shown a lack of follow through which have lead to multiple equipment failures and repeated emergency scrams. You must not wait for yet another failed inspection. Our lives, families, and communities depend on your action now.

We, the signatories, petition you to demand the NRC immediately shut down Pilgrim now and begin decommissioning. It is your duty as our elected representative. Only this action will insure the safety of all citizens, and preserve our properties and institutions.

These are the recipients:

Senator Edward Markey
Senator Elizabeth Warren
Representative William Keating
Governor Charlie Baker
Attorney General Maura Healy

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  1. Congratulations on helping get rid of the poorly managed nuclear power plant in Plymouth. Hats off to your perseverance and dedication.

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