Occupy Hingham

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A Contemplative Social Justice Working Group

Founded in 2011, we are a community focused on local, national and international environmental, social justice and economic issues. The Group is committed to take non-violent direct action by means of re-education, media, petitions, protest and civil disobedience for the betterment of all Creation. In the past we have been involved with issues ranging from GMO awareness, wage inequality, blocking the pipeline, supporting striking workers and the movement to close Pilgrim Nuclear Power plant.

We meet every Thursday at 7 PM at the Glastonbury Abbey Conference Center (20 Hull Street, Hingham, MA). It is an open meeting – please check it out. There are two driveways going into the Abbey – the center driveway is on the right, you will enter a large parking lot. Climb up a small hill (HC parking available up top) and you will see the center.

For any additional questions, please contact us: 
OccupyHngham@gmail.com or call Kim at 781-351-0074.

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