Pilgrim Watch

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Pilgrim Watch is a grassroots organization that serves the public interest in issues regarding the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, MA. Pilgrim Nuclear Station is licensed to operate until 2032, 60 years; it began operations in 1972.

We oppose its operations, unless the following standards are met:

  • Heightened security to protect against attack from the air, water, and land.
  • Safer storage of spent radioactive fuel rods until all spent rods are moved off-site that means reducing the pool to its original low density design and placing the bulk of the fuel in hardened dry casks.
  • Reduction of allowable radioactive emissions into our air and water.
  • Monitors – real-time air monitors installed offsite in sufficient numbers computer linked to the state with regular public reports; enhanced environmental monitoring by the state with regular public reports
  • Replace the water cooling system with one not harmful to marine life.
  • Updated emergency planning, including expanding the emergency planning zone.
  • Install a filter on the Direct Torus Vent. The vent is used to relieve pressure in the core in a severe accident to try to save the containment. If the vent is opened without adding a filter, large amounts of radiation will be released into our communities.
  • Meet technical specifications required for new reactors built today; and NRC do its job and enforce its regulations.
  • Fix or Retire Pilgrim – the consequences of not doing so are too great. The lights will stay on one way or another- the region does not need its electricity.