Testimony in favor of H2030 – An Act relative to radiological monitoring

Read in full: Testimony from Cape Downwinders (PDF)

Excerpt from William Maurer:

Coverage Analysis of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station (PNPS)
Current Radiological Monitoring Stations relative to Cape Cod

The current locations of PNPS monitoring stations create a blind spot on the Cape Cod Bay side of the plant because existing monitoring stations are located only on land.… Continue reading... “Testimony in favor of H2030 – An Act relative to radiological monitoring”

Cape Cod Telephone Survey Results

Introduction:  At the request of the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency and Entergy, KLD has conducted a telephone survey to obtain demographic information about Cape Cod residents regarding emergency planning. This memo documents the telephone survey results.

The survey was designed to elicit information from the public concerning household demographics and reactions during emergencies.… Continue reading... “Cape Cod Telephone Survey Results”

Cape Downwinders Newsletter: June/July 2015

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Dear Cape Downwinders,

This past spring has been a very busy time as we continue our work to close Pilgrim. A meeting with Governor Baker’s staff, Mad As Hell Mother’s Day rally with two activists heading to court July 15, the March For Our Children raising awareness on the South Shore and Boston, and Rally at the State House bringing together former Governor Mike Dukakis, Senator Wolf, and activisits across the state calling for the closing of Pilgrim, and lobby days at the State House to support legislation that has languished in years past have been some of the actions and efforts CDW activists have been organizing and doing.… Continue reading... “Cape Downwinders Newsletter: June/July 2015”